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Next generation sofabed

The perfect everyday sofabed for small apartments.


Focusing on availability and usability, our sofabed claims the same area in bed mode as in sofa mode. By not expanding out in the room, you don't have to move your table or other stuff out of the way every time you want to sleep. When switching from one mode to another, all you have to do is zip and flip. The back of the sofa is made from a full size, full quality bed with a mattress that is never compressed, allowing both the sofa and the bed to be comfortable without compromise.


Hovden wanted a model that could sell well, so our design is trendy and simple, but with integrity, able to blend into Scandinavian homes with ease.


Erlend Storsul Opdahl and Taral Jansen



Spring semester, 2013


GK6 Design Project, AHO

Hovden Møbel AS


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