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Dr. Scientist Symbiosisness

A groundbreaking guitar pedal concept developed in collaboration with boutique guitar pedal manufacturer Dr. Scientist.


Dr. Scientist has a taste for the wicked, and his pedals give the players options to go from subtle to ridiculous. I wanted to make a synth pedal to fit the bill, but since guitars are stringed instruments, it could not work exactly the same way. Where other synth pedals actually replace the guitar signal with a build in triggered synth, I analysed how synths work and found an approach suitable for guitar players.


The final concept is the Symbiosisness, a pedal that allow you to blend other pedals together in a way closer to how synthesizers build up their sound. With a built-in noise generator and enveloping filter, players are able to loop their pedals and blend them in spectacular ways. I designed one pedal utilizing the exact production line Dr. Scientist uses today, and another concept-model suitable to be 3D printed for displaying in fairs etc.


Erlend Storsul Opdahl



Fall semester, 2013


M1 Teknoform, AHO

Dr. Scientist Sounds, Canada

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