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My name is Erlend Storsul Opdahl, I am a designer/illustrator from Norway, currently living and working in Seoul, South-Korea. I speak English fluently.


I am an educated industrial/product designer experienced in creating unique, intriguing and functional designs in several fields, most recently table tennis accessories. I love the design process and use my skills as an illustrator actively to innovate and to communicate my designs. I always aim to be fun, reliable and rewarding to work with.



The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Oslo, Norway


Industrial Design (2010-2013)

Product Design (2013-2014)


International Design School for Advanced Studies, Hongik University

Seoul, South Korea


Product Design Master (2014-2016)




Work experience


Global Education Center (2017-)

Seoul, South Korea


Associate Professor in Design


Almond Studio (2016-)

Seoul, South Korea


Designer // co-founder


Seoul, South Korea


Product Design Manager




Software proficiency


Adobe Photoshop

Painting and photo editing


Adobe Illustrator

Vector works


Autodesk Fusion 360

High level 3D modeling


Autodesk Alias

For the nicest surfaces



High level 3D modeling



Rendering 3D models


+ + +

I quickly learn and adjust to the newest, most relevant software

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Kakao ID: Stopdahl

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